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Service FAQ's


How fast will a cable modem download and upload data?
Speed will depend on the service level to which you subscribe. For comparison, MI-Connection High-Speed Internet downloads up to 60 MB per second. Compare that to standard DSL which downloads at 768 KB per second. Would you rather drive at 95MPH or at 5 MPH? That’s more than 20 times faster than standard 768 Kbps DSL! Plus, with MI-Connection high-speed Internet there is no data caps!

Is a telephone line still required when using a cable modem to access the Internet?
No, you will not need a telephone line when using a two-way cable modem. The cable line carries both upstream and downstream signals.

What is a Cable Modem?
A cable modem is an external box that connects your computer to the Internet via your local cable television provider. A cable modem has two connections, one that leads to the cable lines outside your home and an Ethernet connection to your computer.

How does a Cable Modem compare to a dial up modem?
Cable modems can connect to the Internet and download information much faster than a dial up modem. For example,it will take a cable modem user milliseconds to connect to the Internet while it takes a dial up modem user about a minute. Cable modems can also download information at speeds beginning at 1.5 Mbps while a dial up modem will only download information at 56 Kbps or less.

Can I watch television and browse the Internet at the same time?
Yes, since the television and the cable modem operate on separate frequencies of the available cable bandwidth, you will be able to watch television and browse the Internet at the same time.



How will MI-Connection customers benefit from MI-Connection’s local phone service?
MI-Connection customers will have the benefit of having all of their entertainment and communication needs from one provider and will get a better price for phone service than from the local phone company.

Do I need to purchase new telephones?
No. Your existing telephones will work.

Can I make a phone call, search the web and watch TV at the same time?
Of course you can. MI-Connection’s network allows you to surf the web, talk on the phone and watch TV at the same time.

If my power goes out, will I still have phone service?
MI-Connection phone modems come equipped with battery back-up. This means that even if the power is off in your home, as long as your battery is charged and the MI-Connection cable lines are not down, you will continue to have phone service for4-8 hours. The length of time the battery will work depends on how much you use your phone during the power outage. We suggest you use your phone only for urgent calls during an outage. In the event of an extended power outage, you will lose your phone service.

Can I keep my existing phone number?
Yes. In nearly every case you will be able to keep your existing phone number. It is still possible in some minor exceptions that it will not be possible to keep your existing number. In these cases MI-Connection can provide you with a new phone number.

Can I make long distance calls with MI-Connection HomePhone service?
Yes. Digital Phone allows you to call anyone, anytime, anywhere in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico for one low monthly price.

What is the difference between intra-state and inter-state?
Intra-state refers to calls that originate and terminate within the state. Inter-state calls originate in one state and terminate in another.For example, a call from Charlotte to Statesville is considered intra-state, while a call from Charlotte to Las Vegas, is interstate. With MI-Connection unlimited long distance you’ll never have to worry. It’s all included in your monthly price.

Can I make international calls with MI-Connection phone service?
Yes, international calls will be billed at a specific rate per minute.Our discounted rate table for each country can be found on ourwebsite,

Can I call 911 with MI-Connection phone service?



How do I order Pay-Per-View movies, events and movies On Demand?
To order Pay-Per-View movies, events, or movies On Demand select the movie that you wish to purchase from the on-screen guide and follow the on-screen directions. For movies On Demand tune to Digital Channel 1 for your selection.

If I order a movie, am I able to watch it on any TV in the house?
No, the movie or event purchased will only show on thetelevision that the purchase was made on.

How can I cancel a Pay-Per-View order?
Once the purchase has been made, there is no way to cancel the purchase. Please contact the Customer Service Department in the case you need further assistance.

What is a digital box?
A digital box is a set-top box that converts digital programming channels to be viewed on your television set. Services available through this converter include many DigitalMusic Channels, inDemand Pay-Per-View Channels and access to digital networks and multiple channels of your favorite Premium Networks (i.e., HBO®, Cinemax®, Starz® and Showtime®).

Do I need a Digital TV to get Digital Cable?
No, the digital box will be installed by one of our technicians on your current cable-ready television.

Do I need a digital box for each television?
A digital box can be installed on each television in your home; however, you do not need one on every TV if you choose not to have digital access on every TV in your home.

Can I record a Pay-Per-View movie on my DVR?
No, Pay-Per-View movies cannot be recorded on your DVR. your social media marketing partner
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