TV, Phone and Internet Bundles

Standard Rates

“One Community-Owned Company.  One Simple Bill.  One Local Number for Service and Support.”


The following are the standard residential rates for MI-Connection services. These rates do not reflect any applicable taxes and fees and do not include pricing for special offers.

Cable Television

MI-Basic Cable
(minimum level of service)
Channels 2 - 25 and channels 100-127 with a QAM tuner or set-top box


MI-Expanded Basic

(Includes Basic Cable)
Channels 2 - 79


MI-Digital Cable

(Includes Basic and Expanded Basic)
Access to over 300 channels, Interactive Program Guide, MI-Choice One (VOD), Pay-Per-View and 50 channels of Music Choice. Add HBO for $17.95/mo. Each additional premium channel is just $12/mo.

Above rates do not include equipment fees, taxes or surcharges.


Additional Digital Services

HD Plus Tier $5.00/mo
Español Tier $9.99/mo

HBO (14 Channels!)

Cinemax, Showtime/TMC, STARZ


$12.00/mo each 

Playboy Channel
(a la carte rate only)

Seasonal Sports Packages
MLB Extra Innings, ESPN College Game Plan, & ESPN College Full Court available

NFL RedZone




Digital Adapter $2.99/mo
Digital Converter $6.99/mo
HD Converter
HD/DVR Converter
With DVR Service
Cable Card
Cable Modem


Whole Home Gateway DVR/Service $29.99/mo

Whole Home Gateway Media Players $11.99/mo

Whole Home Gateway Stream Devices $6.99/mo

MI-Choice 1 (VOD) & PPV

Movies Varies
Disney Subscription VOD

MI-Call Voice Service

With Cable or Internet
With Cable and Internet

High Speed Data

Choose the Internet Plan That's Right for YOU!

Warp-Speed Broadband  

200 X 20

With Cable or Voice
With Cable and Voice

The fastest residential Internet speed in the market!


Hyper-Speed Broadband 

100 X 10

With Cable or Voice
With Cable and Voice


Super-Speed Internet

75 X 5

With Cable or Voice
With Cable and Voice


High-Speed Internet

25 X 5

With Cable or Voice
With Cable and Voice


Wireless service is just $5.99 per month!

Installation Rates

Installation of One Service $49.95
Installation of Two Service $39.95
Installation of Three Service $29.95
Additonal Outlets
(Standard, Same Trip)
Additonal Outlets
(Standard, Separate Trip)
Relocate Outlet $39.95
Wall Mounted Outlet $69.95
Burial of Cable Service Drop $69.95
Downgrade Fee $25.00
DVR Activation Fee $25.00
Trip Charge $29.95

Additional Fees & Charges

Wire Maintenance Plan $5.95/mo
Reconnection Fee
(Office Only)
Reconnection Fee (Requires Truck Roll) $34.95
After-Hours Reconnection
(Requires Truck Roll)
NSF Fee $25.00
Late Payment Fee

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